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Official History

The first castle , known as the centre of Çanakkale, was built by Fatih the enqueror. There is an incription on the castle and it was believed to belong to Fatih.The castle is known with the name of “kalei sultaniye” and according to the evliya çelebi” sultaniye” was named thanks to Padishah Mehmet IV’s mother’s helps and Köprulu Mehmet Pasha.Evliya Çelebi also tells that Çanakkale is a flat country with gardens and 2000 houses.

Çanakkale was the centre of silk , canvas , pots and pans and they exported these materials in the 18th . Century. Especially they were good at pots and pans. That’s why sometimes in the past it was called Kaleyi Sultaniye but than it started to be called Çanakkale( çanak means pots)

When Biga was established , it became the centre town . The officer of Biga was also strait guard.

In 1770, Gazi Hasan Paşa from Algeria shower grat courage in the battle and he became the guard of the strait. When janissary was abolished in 1826, İbrahim Aga was appointed as pasha and became guard of the strait .He spent most of his the to architecture of the city and in 180 he built Çinarlik(kursunlu) Mosque.

In 1866, Kaleyi Sultaniye became the centre of Islands Vilayet. Kayserili Ahmet Pasha was the director of the city and he also worked for architecture until 1871.Islands vilayet covers all Aegean and Mediterranean islands except for Girit and Sisam.After the announce of second constitutional monarchy, ’Bahri Sefid Strait Mustahdem Command Headquarters’ were opened here.Çanakkale was a part of istanbul sehreminati and in 1881 it was connected to Karesi Beylic but later there were some changes and it took the shape of today.

Present Situation

Apart from central district, there are 11 more districts and 2 of them are island. Çanakkale covers 9333 square km area and has 565 villages, 21 subdistricts and 34 municipalities. 12 of 34 are central municipalities and district municipalities. The biggest is Yenice(1367 square km) and Bozcaada is the smallest one.(40 square km)