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Food Culture
Olive oil is one of the essential element among food culture of Çanakkale. It is used in almost all meals and salads. You can eat traditional meals in the restaurants of bazaar. You must also try Cheese helva if you like eating sweet. Before leavin...
Meals in the area are generally includeds meat and pastry.kuşotu gözlemesi, kolum ekmeği, yumurta lokmasi, kapaçma gözlemesi, kartula, bakla keşkeği, tartana soup and kuskus are themain kinds of pastry in the area. Sütlügöce, çiğüstü are dairy prud...
Bayramiç is located on the piedmont of Ida so it is a prosperous area with its vegatables, fruit and agricultural activities. Keşkek, vegetable dishes and dairy products are highly consumed.